Manchester City 2016-17 Third Football Shirt Great

Nike and Premier League club Manchester City officially launched the team’s brand new third jersey for the 2016-17 season. New jerseys made by the latest and the most innovative Nike AeroSwift technology combine two bold colors to create a distinctive image, which shows the vitality and creativity of the club and the entire city.

With the release of new jerseys, Nike also released a video that Manchester City players John Stones, Leroy Sané, British band Blossoms, boxer Marcus Morrison and singer Bi-Polar Sunshine, and other Manchester City fans told their own story about Manchester City from different perspectives.

The young German football star Leroy Sané was looking forward to his Manchester City debut. He said: “This will be a particularly special season for me and I will fight for Manchester City.”

John Stones said: “I can’t wait to wear this new shirt to fight in the European competition. We will play games against Barcelona in the group stage at Camp Nou. I have always been expecting that.”

Tom Ogden and Joe Donovan from the band Blossoms had season tickets for all Manchester City games before they released their first album. They said they would never forget the concert of the Stones Roses hosted at the Manchester City’s home stadium.

If you want to put on a bright suit, you need to be very confident. Bobby Graham, a big fan of Manchester City from Fallowfield, believed that Manchester City and the city can easily solve all problems. He said: “This is a glory for the Manchester people. They are born with this glory.”

Marcus Morrison was a member of Manchester City’s youth training academy before he became a boxer at the age of 16. He was known for his bravery in defense at that time. Now, as one of the most promising professional boxers in the UK, Morrison has maintained an unbeaten record. He once served as a caddy at Etihad Stadium, and the fans in blue at seats made him unforgettable.

The brand new third shirt is orange and purple. The color purple was used in the 1992 away jersey for the first time, besides, it was used in the shirts designed for the 2007-08 and 2014-15 seasons. Players would wear the third jersey 2016-17 to play games in English Football League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

The shirt features many horizontal lines on the front and back. “CITY” and “EST 1894”(the year of establishment) are respectively printed at the back of the collar and inside of cuffs, showing a long history of the club.

There is a breathable black stripe on both sides of the shirt and shorts. When players are running at football fields, these stripes can make them cool and comfortable.

The socks are predominately purple with orange lines.

Nike AeroSwift Vapor shirt is much lighter than previous ones, thus players can run freely and quickly. In addition, Nike shirt, shorts and socks are made from recycled plastic bottles, showing Nike’s environmental awareness.

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