Man City’s Pressure & Manchester City Kit

Before the Christmas Day, Liverpool has won four goals more than Man City, which shown a air of invincibility in the last season. Today, I will shed the light of some conditions.

This Weekend’s Team

Liverpool displayed strong momentum in the last weekend. In the past ten years, Liverpool has reached the top of Premiere League two times at Christmas, and it is also the only team they didn’t go on to win it at the special moment. Most people hold that footballers in Manchester City Kit performed well in football fields, so it is a surprise after seeing the consequence. It is an excellent collection out of the top 14, and they are promoting a team at least. Liverpool is good.

Consequences of the Week

Manchester City Kit

In the end, Roy Hodgson won the good consequence for the club Liverpool. A routine lead may has been laid down by Ilkay Gundogan’s goal in the 27th minute. The remaining problem is how to narrow the gap with others rather than dedicating to if it is possible for them to beat Crystal Palace.

Could such phenomena be seen as sign of vulnerabilities? Although the temptation is focused on the former, but it is the second defeat among recent league games. Whether such conditions are caused by complacent feelings? Did they held back by the idea that they take it for granted to win the title. Public announcements of the coach revealed that the team could have performed better in competitions, which may target at solving complacence. It seems useless.

Effects of the Week

Highlights of the week are about Ole Gunnar Slskjaer’s comments after a football game of Man United. It is the repeats of a phrase “they are excellent players.” To a certain extent, it is the current situation. The former coach Jose Mourinho has spent several years on shaping the team or shedding lights on he could not do more to improve the team in all respects. Playing football in a free manner is a simple thing to say. A unpopular coach may deliver such statements, and the unpopular one will be replaced by a popular coach. As if it is a trivial matter, but freedom is also something tangible.

Negative attitudes from Mourinho seems like critics to his football team, which may counter-affect performances of most footballers. Looking back to the history, Mourinho may be disappointed by disgusting performances of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. And his spell may be ended after Man United’s defeat last season. It could not be understood two young footballers will be criticized seriously. Some holds that he would think about the reason of such consequences.

In the beginning, Danny Ings own 12 goals for Southampton in the season. Other things should be improved step by step. In the event that he could not overcome the complacent feelings, a call-up to the England national football team will be impossible.

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